Pregnancy and Weight Loss in Weeks

Pregnancy is indeed a wonderful period for a woman but it also leaves behind a few difficulties as its aftermath effects. Baby weight gained over the period of nine months is one of the most difficult aftereffects of pregnancy. It is so because it is difficult to lose the weight gained over pregnancy and it takes a lot of time to reduce body fat especially your belly fat. Pregnancy and weight loss in weeks need a lot of research, as only few ideas will reduce baby weight in a health and quick way.

You should focus on how to lose weight gained in a healthy way as your baby needs you in terms of breast-feeding and it is important that you stay healthy even after delivery. Therefore, crash diets and intense workouts may not be smart options if you want to lose weight in a perfect way. It actually takes a longer time to reduce fat accumulated in various parts of your body but with a little planning, you can achieve this much quicker.


The Right Way to Lose Baby Weight

How lose Pregnancy Weight in a Weeks Pregnancy and weight loss in weeks is a major area of concern for most of the new mothers as they feel they still look pregnant even after delivering the baby. This is actually very normal as it takes time for the body to come to its normal shape and size. Dieting is just not the right way to lose weight immediately after pregnancy, as you need a proper and healthy diet to cope up with the after effects of pregnancy and maintain body strength. Therefore, exercises in moderation would be the right step towards weight loss after pregnancy. Naturally, you do lose weight at the rate of nine to eighteen pounds in the first weeks as the excess fluid accumulated in your body gets flushed out. You can accelerate this process by doing specific exercises in moderation, for this, it would be better to consult your doctor, as he or she knows your body condition after delivery better than anyone else does.

It also depends on the type of childbirth as to when you can start exercises and what type of exercises you can do. Usually, it is advised that you start your exercises after one or two months after delivery, which gives enough time for the body to recover on its own. Breastfeeding is a good and healthy way to lose extra fat in your body. Though you may have to consume extra calories to produce milk in your body, breastfeeding also removes excess fat.

You can follow the following guidelines to lose your baby weight:

  • Mild workouts in shorter duration which are spread through the day may help a lot in losing weight gradually yet steadily
  • The main aim should be to move your body around without sitting idle. You can take shorter walks or just take a stroll around in the garden this would be very effective. It is not necessary to complicate your workouts, just keep them simple.
  • You can also take the help of your family members and friends who have gone through this before. You might end up getting many useful and healthy tips from them.
    Patience is the key here and losing weight dramatically may affect your health and affect milk secretion in your body
  • If you had had a c-section then you may have to be very careful as to when to start your exercises. If the delivery had been normal and you were fit before, you can start your regular exercises like walking, etc. You can also simultaneously start strengthening your abs and back. Consult your trainer and doctor before hitting the gym.

Pregnancy and weight loss in weeks may be slightly tricky but if handled properly you can make weight loss possible in an easier way. You may need to focus on three areas to be fit and lose weight: body strength, cardio training, and strength training. Ab exercises strengthen your pelvis, abs, and back. However, you can do them only after your doctor permits you to do so. Strength training is essential along with cardio as it increases body metabolism and builds lean muscle in your body.

Low intensity cardio exercises can be opted for and running or aerobics should be completely avoided. You should start in moderation and increase the duration gradually as this will prevent over-stressing of your body. You should limit your exercises to 15-20 minutes per day and you do this four times in a week.

Pregnancy and weight loss in weeks can be crucial as overlooking important points may impair your body health. Therefore, you should be extra careful while selecting exercise to lose your baby weight.

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