Exercises to Lose Weight in 2 to 8 Weeks

Weight loss is crucial to eliminate many health related problems in over-weight or obese adults. To lose the weight gained over a period of time, becomes difficult but is possible to lose a few pounds in a week’s time if you incorporate some strict changes to your lifestyle in terms of diet and exercises. People are in constant search of exercise programs which would enable weight loss in a short time period. Exercise is an important part of any weight loss plan as only diet alone may be insufficient for you to lose weight. That too, cardio exercises are very much essential everyday in order to lose the desired weight in a short period of time. Everyone who wants to lose weight quickly search for an effective exercises program. Some exercise plans are discussed below that can help you lose weight within certain weeks. If you are interested in the first week exercise plan, click here to go to Exercise to Lose Weight in a Week.

2 Week Exercise Program for Weight Loss

Cardiovascular training would play a major part in your two week exercise program for weight loss as it improves the heart rate as well as your body metabolism rate. Interval training is said to be the best workout if you are aiming to lose weight in a short time. The best exercises for this kind of workout can be running, sprinting, swimming, aerobics etc. can be perfect if you do them for at least thirty to forty five minutes every other day of your two weeks target.


Apart from the normal interval training workouts mentioned above, you can do 15-20 minutes workout on each of these machines at your regular gym: stationary bike, elliptical trainer and treadmill. You can increase the duration on every machine by five minutes every day to see immediate results and you can practically see that you are losing weight steadily when you measure your weight. Spending an hour at these machines in your gym would be the best way to boost up your rate of metabolism and thereby burn at least 500 calories per day. You can also alternate your interval based cardiovascular training with swimming, brisk walking or aerobics as per your choice. You can also do your cardiovascular training early in the morning and go for swimming or do aerobics for an hour in the evening. This will prevent boredom or monotony maintaining your level of enthusiasm.

Apart from cardio exercises, you should also include strength training in your two week exercise program. This training helps you to burn fat and also improves body strength. Lifting weights is what this training involves to a large extent and if you are not used to this you increase the weights gradually but make sure that you push yourself as there is no easy way to go about it. You would have to do weights in order to get used to it. You can mainly work on certain parts of the body which are main areas of fat accumulation like arms, chest, buttocks, abs etc. For quick results you should do strength training every alternate day in your two week program.

It is important that you make changes in your diet as well for these workouts and exercises to be successful. You should essentially cut down your calorie consumption by around 500 calories per day along with these exercises to lose at least 8-10 pounds in a period of two weeks. Avoid fast foods, fried foods and white carbohydrates to avoid fat consumption. You have to include more of starchy and fiber carbohydrates, protein and water in your diet to improve your metabolism and burn calories.

4 Week Exercise Program for Weight Loss

It is said that to start losing 2-5 pounds per week, you should burn at least 500 calories per day and cut down your daily calorie consumption by 500-800 calories. It is important to prepare a chart for your training schedule on a weekly basis and keep a track of the calories you burn in a journal or a weight loss calendar. This will keep you motivated to lose the determined number of pounds every week throughout your exercise program.

You can choose either cardiovascular training (cardio exercises) or strength training (muscle building exercises) in your schedule. It would be effective if you can include a combination of these two kinds of exercises to see maximum results in the minimum time period possible.

Cardiovascular training in your exercise program is best done early in the morning before your breakfast. This revs up your body metabolism, increases your heart rate and keeps your energized throughout the day thus helping in burning more calories. There are many exercises you can choose from which include brisk walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, aerobics, elliptical training, treadmill etc. You can choose a combination of two different cardio exercises for every week which would break the monotony and keep you motivated to lose the desired weight faster. For example, in the first week you can choose to do 20 minutes of running and 20 minutes in the elliptical trainer along with simple stretching exercises and the next week you can opt for aerobics and treadmill. You can also have different exercises every seven days of the week and rotate the schedule accordingly in the next week.

Start the exercises at a medium pace but be sure to increase the duration and intensity of your cardio exercises to make your 4 week exercise program for weight loss a success. You can start with sessions of 15 minutes each for every exercise and increase it by five minutes every day. High intensity exercises are a must if you want to achieve weight loss in a short time period. This would give you immediate results which you aimed for. Sixty minutes of these exercises on a daily basis would help you lose 2-5 pounds at least per week. Strength training exercises along with the cardio exercises would prove very useful. These exercises help you to improve your core strength by building lean muscles in your body. Lifting weights is the most popular strength training exercise. Exercises for your abs, back, chest and calf muscles are the best way to burn muscle fat and improve your body metabolism. You have to start doing weights gradually to get used to it and you would find that you enjoy them after some days. You can do these exercises along with your cardio exercises or do them alternately.

Whichever exercise regimen you choose be sure to burn a minimum of 500 calories everyday and the best way to do this is to keep track of this on a daily basis. Keep a track of your weight on weekly basis which would motivate you to lose more in the next week.

8 Week Exercise Program for Weight Loss

The first four weeks should focus on reducing body fat and increasing your core body strength. You need not stress yourself by working out on every other day. You can work out on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays for the first four weeks of your exercise program. You can focus on cardio and toning exercises on Mondays. Do warm-up of five minutes on either treadmill or elliptical trainer followed by 15 minutes of intense cardio workout on any cardio equipment. You should let yourself cool down before going for three sets each of bicep curls, lateral pull-downs, and front rises with the help of dumbbells.

Wednesdays can include cardio and core strength exercises. Three sets each of plank exercises, crunches or bicycle crunches along with 15-20 minutes of interval training on cardio equipment would constitute for a perfect workout. On Fridays, you can focus on cardio exercises and exercises for your lower body. Warm-up and 15 minutes of workout on cardio equipment followed by three to four sets each on squats, lunges with dumbbells would be most suitable. Saturday can be a day for your other favorite cardio exercises like brisk walking or running or aerobics for 30 to 45 minutes. This workout gives enough rest to the body which is very much necessary as exhaustion or dehydration would do you no good.

The fifth week to the final eighth week should see an increase in the intensity of your cardio and strength training in your 8 week exercise program for weight loss. You can take two days off on Tuesdays and Sundays instead of the three days off in the week 1 to week 4 workouts. Monday as before can include cardio and toning exercises with an extended 25 minutes workout on either treadmill or elliptical trainer with a higher intensity level and three-four sets each of incline dumbbell press, bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, lateral rises etc. The same cardio and core strength exercises can be repeated for the Wednesdays. You just have to increase the duration and intensity of each plank exercise. If this exercise program does come back positive you at least know where you are and can take steps to minimize the advance of any weight loss complications that you may be developing!

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